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The Gingko Bed

The Gingko Bed

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Year: 1996 Runtime: 88 min
Director: Kang Je-gyu,
Actors: Han Seok-kyu,Shim Hye-jin,Jin Hee-kyung,Shin Hyun-joon,

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Soohyun is an artist who teaches at a college. His girlfriend Sunyoung is a surgeon. A strange and mesmerizing reincarn ated love story begins when Soohyun buys and old gingko bed at a market. In his earlier life Soohyun was a musician for the royal family one thousand years ago. He and Princess Midan Were deep ly in love. However, General Hwang, who was also in love with the princess, kills Soohyun. And Midan’s spirit hides insi de the gingko bed. Midan appears in front of Soohyun after one thousand years but the spirit of General Hwang, still in love with Midan, does not allow them to meet. Soohyun’s present girlfriend, Sunyoung, decides to prove the existence of the spirits by risking her own life. Midan makes her last choice in order to save Sunyoung from General Hwang.

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