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The Artists of the Old Summer Palace

The Artists of the Old Summer Palace

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Watch 圆明园的画家生活 Free Movie 123Movies

Year: 1995 Runtime: 33 min
Director: Hu Jie,

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In the years before 1995, some young artists who pursued free creation came from all over the country in villages near the Yuanmingyuan in the western suburbs of Beijing. These people settled in the rental houses of the village farmers, and then ambitiously bought paint-stretched canvases to explore and create art. The farmers are not interested in their paintings, but they know that these people are reasonable and knowledgeable people. There are lakes, woods and the ruins of the Old Summer Palace. However, the biggest difficulty they face is to make up for the monthly rent to be paid to the landlord. Buying paintings is not the only means of survival, even relying on other crafts to maintain their lives. Because their works are very different, they have a spirit of rebellion, and they do not conform to traditional aesthetics. This has caused the official to watch the posters.

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