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The Armed Policewoman

The Armed Policewoman

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Year: 1995 Runtime: 90 min
Director: Cheung Gon-Man,
Actors: Carrie Ng,Ng Man Tat,Roy Cheung,

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Dirty Harry meets Charlie’s Angels in this cheapie crime thriller directed by Chueng Kon-man. Hoping to stem Hong Kong’s exploding crime rate, the police decide to issue guns to select number of female officers. Soon bumbling veteran Madam Chu (Carrie Ng) and young eager beaver rookie Ling (Valerie Chow) are assigned as partners. On their first day on the job together, they happen upon a massive arms cache belonging to notorious gangster Law Man-tat (Ng Man-tat). Soon afterwards, Chu’s husband and son are murdered by mobland thugs. Looking for revenge, she goes undercover as a crime world lawyer, winning Law’s trust. Yet when she tries to transfer some incriminating evidence onto a computer disc, she gets caught red handed. Chu is beaten and strapped to a bomb, while her abductors demand $10 million ransom. Meanwhile, Ling who fell for rakish detective Ng (Roy Cheung) is working on her own way to free Chu and get the baddies.

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