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Susie Q

Susie Q

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Year: 1996 Runtime: 83 min
Director: John Blizek,
Actors: Amy Jo Johnson,Justin Whalin,Shelley Long,Chris William Martin,Tasha Simms,Bentley Mitchum,Brian Arnold,Ernie Prentice,Allan Morgan,Andrea Libman,

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Susie Q was going to a dance one night when she and her boyfriend got into a car crash and fell off a bridge. Years later, a teenager named Zach Sands moves into Susie’s old house. Zach’s father died in a car accident so his family is his mother and his sister, Penny Sands. One night, Zach sees Susie, and she discovers that he can see her. Then Susie explains to Zach, there is a Heaven. But after death people are sent back to Earth to help their families. And sometimes when they can’t help by themselves, they get special help. And that is why Zach can see her. So that he could help her family. In fact, Zach is the only one who can see Susie. And on the way, Zach falls in love with Susie. Is their love divine?

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