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Poems and Constructions

Poems and Constructions

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Year: 2008 Runtime: 5 min
Director: Anna Thew,

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Reel 1 – the walls of Trastevere in a myriad of transitory stop frame sequences shot on a clockwork Bolex with a 25mm macro lens – peeling stucco, graffiti, torn posters, street signs, from the Terme di Caracalla to the bridge over the Tiber; glimpses of ‘FILM STUDIO 80’ and lingering out takes from ‘Toni with smoke’ and a fight scene filmed in a dark alley outside Rome prison long ago (see Eros Erosion clip Il Racconto di Lisabetta, the murder of Lorenzo played by Philippe Barbut and Toni Dominici) Reel II – L’Isle sur Serein with Rameau – late afternoon, early autumn. Close up of apple blossom and the turning pages of an old French history book reflected through a macro lens in the bevel edge of a mirror with a worm eaten frame and a very dirty window pane, framed with flash frames of gravestones and autumn leaves in the Forêt d’Hervaux; accompanied by Rameau harpsichord music from Steve Farrer’s record collection and the slowed dripping of a tap.

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