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Murder of the Inugami Clan

Murder of the Inugami Clan

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Watch 犬神家の一族 Free Movie 123Movies

Year: 2006 Runtime: 134 min
Director: Kon Ichikawa,
Actors: Kôji Ishizaka,Nanako Matsushima,Kikunosuke Onoe,Sumiko Fuji,Keiko Matsuzaka,Hisako Manda,Shingo Katsurayama,Mansaku Ikeuchi,Toshiya Nagasawa,Saburo Ishikura,

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Inugami Sahei (Nakadai Tatsuya), who built up the wealth of the Inugami Clan, passes away, leaving a will with Furudate, his legal adviser, for his daughters Matsuko (Fuji Sumiko), Takeko (Matsuzaka Keiko) and Umeko (Manda Hisako), all of whom have different mothers, and for their sons (Sahei’s grandsons), as well as for Nonomiya Tamayo (Matsushima Nanako), the granddaughter of a person to whom Sahei feels heavily indebted. The will states that all his assets are inherited by Tamayo alone, on the condition that she marries one of the sons of the daughters. Furudate’s assistant learns the content of the will, and seeks advice from Kindaichi Kosuke (Ishizaka Koji), a private detective, as he senses the air of unease. Shortly afterwards, murders start to occur one after another in the clan.

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