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Marius and Jeannette

Marius and Jeannette

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Year: 1997 Runtime: 105 min
Director: Robert Guédiguian,
Actors: Ariane Ascaride,Gérard Meylan,Pascale Roberts,Jacques Boudet,Jean-Pierre Darroussin,Frédérique Bonnal,Laetitia Pesenti,Miloud Nacer,Pierre Banderet,Monique Meylan,

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Jeannette is a single mother living in a working-class community in Marseilles; she tries to support herself and her two kids on her salary as a check-out girl at a supermarket and lives in an apartment complex where everyone is thrown into close proximity with everyone else. Marius is working as a security guard at a cement factory that has gone out of business; he’s also squatting in the building, since the plant is soon to be demolished and he’ll be needing his money later on. One day, Jeannette happens by the factory, and spotting several cans of paint, tries to take two of them home with her. Marius spots her and tries to chase her away, while she rails at him with curses against the capitalist system. The next day, an apologetic Marius appears at her doorstep, cans of paint in hand; the two soon become friendly, and a romance begins to bloom, though it quickly becomes obvious that Jeannette’s romance novel fantasies are a bit off the mark from what Marius has in mind.

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