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King, queen, knave

King, queen, knave

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Year: 2008 Runtime: 90 min
Director: Leonid Horovets,
Actors: Maxim Kostromykin,Olga Zaytseva,Igor Livanov,Larisa Shakhvorostova,Olesya Zhurakovskaya,Oleg Zamyatin,Natalya Bilyak,Yevheniia Hladii,Victor Koshel,

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Nikolai Malinin marries the young beauty Katya. From his first marriage, he has a son, Seryozha, who is very hard at the divorce of his parents. In all misfortunes, he blames his father’s new wife, believing that it was she who destroyed the family. The young man intends to take revenge on his stepmother. A friend of the hero jokingly suggests that seduce Katya. Sergei succumbs to his persuasion, but he does not suspect what a fleeting connection might result in. As a result, Sergei falls in love with Katya, and she does not know what to do. The girl is literally torn between father and son. The “perverted” connection will shock everyone – Katya’s friends, Sergey’s friends … As a result, Nikolay also learns about the betrayal. Love triangle gives a crack.

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