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Golden Escape

Golden Escape

Original title:

Watch 黄金大逃狱 Free Movie 123Movies

Year: 2022 Runtime:
Actors: Justin Cheung,Ray Lui,Ricky Chan Po-Yuen,Kent Tong,Sam Lee,

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Presenting the new Hong Kong car that Nyoki fans like.
The short story is about debt
A film script writer Zhong Zheng
I am helpless because I cannot pay my debts on time.
At that time, I found out that there were golden sticks inherited from my ancestors
I started planning to dig for gold.
Unfortunately, the place of the old ancestral house
During the colonial period, it was taken over by the English
Currently in prison
It was like jumping into a beast pit at Zhong Zheng.
Before even starting to look for the ancestral golden rods
Brother Xie, the 2 prison gang stars
Brother Da Biao into a power struggle
When I was dragged in, I was confused. Saved many times
Emphasis on brotherhood and truth
We told Brother Xie and searched together.
Will the two of them find the golden rod together?
How will they face the brutal Da Biao?
We will see that with blood-thirsty and elaborate attacks.
What will happen
Nyoki, just keep watching on the screen.

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