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Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance

Original title:

Watch Αιώνιος Φοιτητής Free Movie 123Movies

Year: 2002 Runtime: 100 min
Director: Vangelis Seitanidis,
Actors: Aimilios Heilakis,Maria Solomou,Spyros Stavrinidis,

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In the casino there is only one queen, the small ball that spins on the roulette table. None of the players pays the slightest attention to the female dealers. But Takis, a «perennial» med student, doesn’t go to the casino to win millions but to earn a day’s wages. Vera works in a gym but trains and gets a second job as a dealer. Her aim is to protect her mother since regulations forbid relatives of employees from entering the casino. Let her Dad knock himself out. There’s no way he’ll ever play roulette again! At some point, Takis and Vera become lovers. They rig a game at the roulette table, leave the money with her mother and hide out in a friend’s house, where their romantic dream soon succumbs to the wretched conditions in which they live. When her father dies of a heart attack in his Jeep, Vera suddenly finds herself with money. At the funeral, the manager of the casino threatens to send her to prison…

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