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Father There Is Only One 3

Father There Is Only One 3

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Watch Padre no hay mas que Uno 3 Free Movie 123Movies

Year: 2022 Runtime: 99 min
Director: Santiago Segura,
Actors: Santiago Segura,Toni Acosta,Leo Harlem,Carlos Iglesias,Silvia Abril,Loles León,El Cejas,Martina D’Antiochia,Calma Segura,Luna Fulgencio,

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Christmas is coming. The children accidentally break a Nativity scene figurine from their father’s collection and must by all means get an equal one, the problem is that it is a unique antique piece. Sara, the eldest daughter breaks up with her boyfriend, Ocho, who will try to recover her favors with the help of her father-in-law, Javier. Precisely Javier’s father-in-law, Marisa’s father, will be welcomed into the family home to spend the holidays after her recent separation, which will not leave Javier’s mother, Milagros, indifferent. Rocío, the folklore of the family, who has been playing the Virgin for several Christmases, is relegated this year to playing the shepherdess, something that her father, Javier, is not willing to assume.

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