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Declaration of Genius

Declaration of Genius

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Year: 1995 Runtime: 93 min
Director: Lee Jang-ho,
Actors: Ahn Sung-ki,Kim Myung-gon,Hong Jin-kyung,Kim Bo-Yeon,Lee Jeong-in,Shin Chaong-shik,Lee Hae-ryong,Kim Yeong-in,Kim Seong-chan,Lee Hee-sung,

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A strange man appears in Pagoda Park. His name is Young-sung. Another man stands in a corner, carefully takes in his every move and tapes him with a camcorder. His name is Ahn Sang-gi, a self-proclaimed film director. Young-sung spots a high school girl and begins to follow her. Her name is Jin-kyung. The three meet in a cafe and become inseparable in a matter of hours. Madame Sul-hee, owner of an exclusive club, introduces them to many high level officials. Young-sung begins to tell fortunes for the many individuals they meet including a powerful politician to a corrupt national hero and Sang-gi collects fees. In the midst of all this, Jin-kyung schemes to get pregnant with Young-sung’s child, and Sang-gi is convinced that he is close to realizing his dream of becoming a film director. Little do they know that Young-sung’s clairvoyance is not permanent.

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